Camp Pawsitive Adventure

Sheep Herding

Try Sheep Herding with expert Kelly Malone!

Kelly has managed a professional handler’s kennel, a training kennel, Animal Operations for the Humane Society and her own training business.  She has worked in Obedience, Rally, Herding and has garnished over 30 titles!

Kelly will also be presenting a workshop at camp again this year which will focus on learning and teaching!  She will talk about lessons, classes, workshops and clinics.

We learn mathematics and macrame, agility and tracking, but we never say “I want to learn how to be a good teacher” or “I want to learn how to teach my dog to be a good student”.  This workshop focuses on teaching skills, teaching techniques, evaluating progress and lack thereof.  it is about learning how to gauge the effectiveness of specific techniques and reinforcements for each individual dog and team.

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