Camp Pawsitive Adventure

Luke and the Boys

Luke Robinson 

Inspired by the loss of his Great Pyrenees, Malcom, Luke Robinson and his two dogs have embarked on a 2,400 mile walk to raise awareness of canine cancer and raise funds for the first ever nationwide epidemiological canine cancer study.

Luke Robinson was at Camp Pawsitive Adventure in 2010 and talked about the perils of walking 2,400 miles, and what we can do to help find the cause of canine cancer.  He discussed what treatments are currently available and the importance of early detection.  The number one cause of death for dogs over 2 years old is cancer.  Furthermore, the life-span of some breeds are being shortened due to this deadly disease.

The 2,400 mile walk has the goal of raising awareness about and funds for canine cancer research.  The implications of this research are far reaching.  Scientists have discovered that the vast majority of cancers found in pets are the same types affecting humans.  Says Robinson, "For the first time, people are learning not only that dogs and cats get cancer, but they're the same types of cancers found in humans.  Our message is starting to make a significant impact and our walk is touching the hearts of the thousands of people we've met so far."  Education and community involvement are a significant part of Luke's walk.

Go to his website at and add an update section and add the section on the foundation's $50,000 donation to Princeton with the picture that is on there.  Also add info about the 2 Million Dog walk for canine cancer on November 4 in Harrison, OH.   also update - two weeks after Luke's walk ended in Boston, his Great Pyrenees, Murphy, was diagnosed with nasal cancer.  He crossed the Rainbow Bridge in December, 2010.  Now continuing to battle for canine cancer awareness with Luke is Hudson and Indy (he's the cute one!).