Camp Pawsitive Adventure

Canine Massage

Do you want to enhance your canine’s performance?  Improve disposition, focus, and gait quality?  Increase circulation, range of motion and stamina?

Like people, our canines experience injury, surgery, trauma, arthritis and participate in sports and playtime.  Compensation or overuse can produce tight, painful muscles.  A lack of willingness or resistance to move in a certain direction can signal that your canine has muscular discomfort.  Proper massage techniques can benefit your canine emotionally, mentally and physically.

Marcy Wright is certified in canine therapeutic and sports massage.  She also has certification in Reiki I and II and Canine First Aid.  Marcy continually advances her techniques through seminars in related fields such as sports rehabilitation, spinal modalities, animal behavior, lymph drainage and structure in action to name a few.  Marcy has companion dogs and has trained and competed in many types of performance events with her own dogs.